Which Type Of Best Friend Are You?

We’ve probably all had a best friend, or even multiple, at some point in our lives. Friendships can be complicated, messy and tiring, but they’re also inspiring, uplifting and extremely important. This National BFF Day, let’s appreciate our best friends for always being there for us. Here are some of the types of best friends we’ve all encountered in our lives (you might even find yourself identifying with some of these!) Which type of best friend best describes you? 

The Optimist

The cheerleader of the best friend group. They’re bubbly, happy-go-lucky and spread positivity all around. While others are pessimistic, they stay hopeful and optimistic and always try to look at things in a good light. These are the best friends that pick you up when you’re down, and never fail to encourage you to stay positive when times are rough. If you’re an optimistic best friend, know that we appreciate you so much for making our lives so much more joyful and bright! 


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 The Mum 

Hounding your friends to complete their assignments, checking if they’ve gotten home safely, people always going to you for advice- sounds like you? You’re probably the mum of the group. You’re constantly keeping everyone in line, and your BFFs know they can count on you to make responsible, reliable decisions. That’s no easy feat, so props to all the Mum friends out there! While they’re so busy keeping everyone in check, a simple, stylish crossbody SANDLUX phone sling would be extremely helpful for them - hands-free convenience and happiness! For more Mum hacks, read about our top time-saving hacks here.

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The Mind Opener 

These are the BFFs that constantly challenge your ideas and perceptions. They love discussing interesting questions and topics, and get you to think deeper and approach things from novel perspectives and angles. These friends make you feel safe to freely express your opinions without fear of any judgement, and constantly empower you to open your mind to embrace new ideas and viewpoints in life. We love our mind opener friends, for they inspire us to become better people. 
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The Listener 

When we’re having a hard time, we often just want someone to lend a listening ear without interjecting or judging us. The listener friend is always patient, kind, and extremely open-minded about what we have to say. We feel safe pouring our heart out to them, as they’ll never fail to take time out of their day to listen patiently and attentively. We’re extremely blessed to have listener best friends who are always there to hear us out and support us. 
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The Ride-or-Die

They’re someone who has always been there with you through good and bad times. They’re people who you can always let loose around and be goofy with. They accept, embrace and love you for who you are and stick with you through thick and thin. If you’ve found your ride-or-die best friend, treasure them wholeheartedly and show your appreciation by gifting them a MIRACLE Phone Sling Case to let them know that they’re your MIRACLE friend. While you’re at that, why not get a matching case to twin with them to celebrate your wonderful friendship!
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This National Best Friend’s Day, let’s take the time to appreciate our best friends and tell them how much they mean to us. Dreams may change, but friends are forever. 
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