Finding The Perfect Pure Essential Oil

Finding the perfect essential oil scent isn’t easy - there are so many unique scents to choose from! Find out which scent would suit you best - from the earthy notes of Sandalwood to the floral scent of Lavender; and let us help you transform your space into your personal haven.  


The soft, sweet notes of Lavender - the Taylor Swift of feminine scents - adds a touch of subtle, floral freshness to your space. 
Perfect for: You who yearns for sunshine on a cloudy day. The one who stops to smell the roses. Embrace your inner girly-girl and transform your space into a calming dreamscape of soft, wood-floral serenity with LAVENDER


The light, delicate citrus notes of Bergamot offers a gentle balance of tart, refreshing aroma and sweet, fruity fun. 
Perfect for:  You who’s searching for the perfect pick-me-up to refocus and uplift your mood. For the productive go-getters, and energetic hustlers. With this liquid sunshine in a bottle, boost your energy and transform your space with BERGAMOT.


The deep, woody scent of Sandalwood carries rich, balsamic notes that’s almost creamy and velvety smooth, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to your space.
Perfect for: You who loves to unwind and relax after a long day. Put on your favourite tunes, swaddle in your softest duvet and surrender your mood into a comforting cocoon of earthy-sweet wood with SANDALWOOD


The warm, woodsy musk of Cedarwood will transport you to a forest of peace and tranquility.  
Perfect for: You who seeks the gentleness of nature even amidst the bustling concrete city. Surround yourself in nature, fresh air and morning dew with CEDARWOOD.


The slow-burnt amber transforms your space into a fresh wood.
Perfect for: You to awaken deep healing in the otherworldly glow of slow-burnt amber with FRANKINCENSE.


Vetiver transforms your space into a calming utopia.
Perfect for: You to smoulder your soul into the decadence of  chocolatey, smoky wood with VETIVER.

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