New Year, New Phone?

It’s that time of the year — everyone is looking for a change. Whether you’re the proud owner of an iPhone X or Samsung S10, you're probably looking at a new phone to start the new year. Right? 😉

5 Local Brands to Wrap this Christmas Up
If you are still looking to buy gifts for Christmas, indulge yourself in the festive mood by shopping at 5 of our favourite local brands! Their offering of amazing goodies definitely makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year!
5 True Gifts of Christmas
The advent is filled with Christmas joy and magic. From tinsels on doorways (despite living in the tropics, haha) , massive Christmas trees lining Orchard Road and the KLCC Twin Towers; the world stops to rest in the season of...
How We Created The Morris Monogram
A seasonal special, our Creative Director Mark De Winne designed a series of festive letters that celebrates individuality, a homage to the decorative ornamented type from the Victorian era.
5 Multi-Functional Essentials You Need In The New Normal
If you’re thinking of gearing up properly to face our current ‘today’, here are five multi-function essentials you need in the new normal.
#Female Founders Episode 1: The Missing Piece x Nodspark

Watch as Eugenia Ye-Yeo of nail sticker brand Nodspark and Eeling Fock of accessories brand The Missing Piece talk about these empowerment in the new normal and more in the first instalment of our #FemaleFounders series.


Our Barehands: Celebrating Artistry and Creating Sustainable Communities
Chanel and Germaine, co-founders of Our BareHands #TakeitAnywhere by making artisanal statements sourced from around the world. Discover their #consciousliving ethos and journey here.
#TakeitAnywhere with Akaei Ray
Cosplay is a form of art. Join us as we interview a member of the #TaizjoFam community: Akaei Ray, who embraces the art of cosplaying with passion.
5 Ways to Honor The Man In Your Life

Want to make the greatest dad in the world happy, but do not know how? Read on to discover five easy ways to honor the father-figure(s) in your life this Father’s Day.

8 Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Loved Ones

With the absence of face-to-face connections during the circuit breaker period, thoughtful gift surprises can make the heart grow fonder. Read on to find out our Top 8 Local Picks!

7 Ways to Boost Your Ramadan Spirit

Ramadan is hitting differently this year, given the circuit breaker measures. Find out how you can make the most out of this season and keep your Ramadan spirit alive!

5 Ways to Appreciate your Mom (at Home!) this Mother's Day

The woman who claims she never needs or wants anything, and unconsciously loves without expecting anything in return. Have you planned anything for your mom (and/or mom figures) this Mother’s Day? Try 5 sweet acts of appreciation in this circuit breaker season!

4 Tips To Stay Productive While Working From Home
WFH this season? If you're struggling to focus and be productive, you're not alone! We share 4 easy tips that will help you to have a productive WFH experience.
REVIEW: 6 Grocery Hacks During COVID-19
Can’t order online? You’re not alone. We’ve seen all the grocery delivery slots disappear in the last couple of weeks. We’ve review different Grocery and Essential Suppliers Sources for you in this season of COVID that might help ease the stress of this season.
Minor Miracles founder Dawn Bey: That’s what BFFs are for
Dawn Bey, founder of Minor Miracles, shares with us the beauty of having a BFF through the thick and thins of life.
#TakeItAnywhere with Amin Alifin

Amin Alifin is the director behind The Débutante, a Singapore-based all-women dance team. Find out how he takes his creativity anywhere with Taizjo here!


Men’s Styling: 5 Pro-Tips for Any Season
It doesn't have to be a repetitive bore or a splitting headache when it comes to fashion for men. Here are 5 worry-free ways to look good no matter how you're feeling!
5 Ways To Love This Valentine’s
Everyone expresses and receives love differently. Show that you care using these 5 effective ways inspired by the 5 Love Languages!
5 Ways to Discover Real Treasure this CNY
Chinese New Year is more than just angpaos and great food. Find out how you can make the most out of this season by finding real treasures!
4 Effortless Ways To Look Good With Your Phone Sling Necklace #StylingTaizjo
Hours can be wasted on deciding what to wear, but there are 4 ways one can look good within seconds!
#TakeItAnywhere with Zahnita Wilson
Zahnita Wilson is more than just a face that has graced the covers of many magazines. Find out how Taizjo helps her to do it all and #TakeItAnywhere.