Lanyard strap with optional luxchain for day to night looks. Available in iPhone + Samsung Models :)


Featuring card slots and a zip compartment for your essentials and any phone.


DAWN Modular Cases are the perfect new normal accessory.

Take it anywhere with LoveLux

Detachable Gold Chain + Card Slot: what's there not to love? Available in iPhones, Samsung S8 to Note 10 Plus, Huawei P20 to P30 Pro.

Things are looking up

Stay everyday-ready. Take only the essentials. Our card slot phone slings help you get where you're going.

Stand out in a sea of sameness. With our elegantly designed detachable phone straps, you can customise your case design and reflect your unique personality. Browse our modular phone casings and discover the perfect statement piece.

Affordable and Aesthetic Phone Accessories Singapore

Add a personal touch to your tech without breaking the bank. Taizjo’s affordable phone accessories help modern movers and shakers live the lifestyle they want. Using the finest materials to create our products, our inexpensive range ensures everyone can experience a cool yet convenient phone case without burning a hole in their pocket.

Discover what it means to truly #TakeItAnywhere. Select one of our chic and versatile phone cases and wear it crossbody or as a necklace – the choice is yours.