Taizjo (带走) helps you “carry” your dreams with elegance, zest, creativity and fun. We empower you to live effectively both at work and at home with well-designed, affordable range of lifestyle accessories, beginning with our unique perspective of the humble Phone Sling Case.

Taizjo represents our collective hopes and dreams for a greater purpose. That we each have a higher calling to make a difference in our own unique way.




We champion creativity in all forms, expressing it through our approach to life. We live smart while imagining the possibilities.

Founded by Sarah Cheng-De Winne and her team of partners, Sarah's multi-hyphenate approach to business, marriage, motherhood and brand consulting resulted in her creating a platform to help others, especially multi-tasking women like her, reduce the everyday grind and improve productivity. Launched 29th November 2019, Taizjo was birthed only 2 weeks after Sarah and her husband, co-founder Mark De Winne, suffered a pregnancy loss of their third child, #NadiaJoyDeWinne, who was 27+4 weeks in utero at the time. The Taizjo story thus reflects the deep memory that Mark and Sarah continue to carry of Nadia, and the hope that we all carry for a better and greater future.


Spend within your means to get a great product that elegantly enhances your life. Anyone can buy into a well-designed Taizjo product without burning a hole in their pocket.


We embrace a myriad of cultures and lifestyles to bring together a tapestry of diverse backgrounds, highlighting our common human desire for a greater purpose and destiny.

#TakeitAnywhere with Taizjo

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Taizjo is a registered tradename of Real Help Pte Ltd.