Make It Yours with The Morris Monogram

Morris Monogram
Morris Monogram design by Mark De Winne: Bold Letters to Make Your Personalised / Customised Phone Sling Case. 

In the lifestyle industry, it isn't easy to find something truly unique. Besides offering customised options for you to change your phone necklace strap, chain or cord That's why our Creative Director Mark De Winne designed a series of bold letters that celebrates individuality, a homage to the decorative ornamented type from the Victorian era. 

We invite you to create your very own personalised Morris Monogrammed Phone Sling  with any of our Modular Designs: TRUELUX, EDEN, NOIR, NOIRLUX and DAWN

#TakeItAnywhere with Taizjo.
About Taizjo
Taizjo means “to carry” (带走). Our phone sling cases bring convenience and style to travellers, go-getters & game-changers, empowering you to become more productive by keeping essentials crossbody and handsfree. #TakeitAnywhere and “carry” your dreams with elegance, zest, creativity & fun with Taizjo. Based in Singapore, we ship Worldwide to Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Jakarta, United States and more. 

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