4 Destinations You HAVE To Visit In 2022

After 2 years of interrupted travel plans and flight cancellations, 2022 is a hopeful year for us to hop on that plane and explore the world once again. Whether it's visiting our familiar favourite destinations, or opening our eyes to unique, new places, it’s always a thrill to travel! As always, safety is still of utmost importance even while travelling. Read more on how to stay safe while having fun HERE


World-famous attractions, stunning architecture, and incredible food. That’s Rome. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, visit the world’s largest standing amphitheatre (The Colosseum), and indulge in the best authentic pizzas, pasta and gelato. A magical place filled with such fascinating culture, going to Rome will definitely be an experience you won’t forget. If you’re pumped up for a shopping frenzy, you’re gonna need your credit card with you at all times. Get a Blackgold or Carnival Cardslot Phone Sling for convenient access to it while keeping it safe!


For those looking for a weekend getaway that’s closer to Singapore, Bali remains one of the top destinations that you shouldn’t miss, and for all the right reasons. Exquisite views, misty waterfalls and an endless spread of mouth watering delicacies! Make sure to visit some of their best attractions - check out the famous Uluwatu Temple, soak some sun at Kuta Beach or have a splashing time at Waterbom Bali. Get a multi-functional VERSA 3.0 phone sling bag for the trip - sure to be your best friend on the trip!


Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam where east meets west. Go shopping at Dong Xuan Market, munch on some Bun Cha, and visit their many museums. A place filled with architectural gems and historic sites, you're definitely gonna want to snap some pictures. Bring your phone sling along with you so your phone's always in sight - great for pictures and exploring (not to mention, anti-theft!) Try a SANDLUX with a glam CLOUD Pearl Chain for those amazing OOTD shots! 


Traveling in June? An amazing destination to add to your bucket list for summer would be Scotland. Whether you're looking for a cultural experience, a relaxing treat, or an exciting adventure, Scotland's got it all. Get on a road trip and drive around this mystical country, explore the iconic Edinburgh Castle or get your blood pumping with a hike at Isle of Skye. If you’re going hiking, a phone sling lanyard will be a lifesaver. No more accidental drops while you’re trekking those trails! Try a NOIR with a Black Lanyard for the ultimate look. 
Already booking that flight? Check out our 5 Tips For Traveling to make sure you’re all geared up for the trip as well! 

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