4 Top Tips To Protect Your Valuables While Travelling

While travelling is always fun, having your money or valuables stolen can ruin the travel experience, and cause a lot of unwanted inconveniences. Since it’s been a while since we all travelled, it’s important to remember not to be complacent, and take as many precautions as you can to protect your belongings and reduce the risk of having your things stolen abroad.

Make Copies Of Important Documents

Make copies of your most important documents - your passport, driving license, flight tickets, hotel reservations. Take a picture of them or scan the documents to keep soft copies for easier access and for easier replacement in the event that you lose these documents. Better be safe than sorry!

Keep Your Belongings On Your Body 

Instead of keeping your personal belongings in your bag or in your hand, keeping them on your body might be safer as they’re closer to you, and further from potential pickpockets. Keep them in your clothes, or get a phone sling case. It’s virtually always on you and in your sight, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it or getting it stolen. It’s also extremely stylish as well, so you can travel around in confidence while staying anti-theft! Get a TRUELUX for the perfect travelling phone sling case - shockproof with extra protection for any mishaps, and super classy to go with any of your outfits, or a DAWN - a chic, trusty modular phone sling case. 

Carry Your Bag In Front Of You 

If you’d prefer to keep your belongings in your bag, make sure to carry your backpack in front of you so that it’s always in your sight. Carrying it on your back makes it easier for pickpockets and thieves to swipe your belongings and valuables without you realising at all. Make sure to keep your bag in front of you, and ensure that it’s zipped up tightly to prevent anything from falling out! 

Don’t put all your valuables in one basket 

Avoid keeping all your cash, cards, electronics and important documents together in one place. Make sure not all of your cash is in one place to minimise the risk of losing it all at once, and divide these valuable items between your bags, bag pockets, or keep some in the hotel safe and some in your bag. Your phone (arguably one of your most important valuables) should also be separate and not kept together with all your other valuables. Keep your phone on you with a MIRACLE Shockproof Mirror Crossbody Phone Sling Case, with a CLOUD Pearl Chain - fashionable, while staying safe!
Remember that, in the event that things go awry, such things are sometimes inevitable and eventually works itself out. Losing your belongings is definitely not fun, but don’t let it completely ruin your trip. Have fun, let loose and make some unforgettable memories! 
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Happy Travelling! 
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