Ways to Make Your Mom's Day

We can never deny that our moms are everyday superheroes who experience daily struggles, whether they are a working mom, a stay-home mom, or working-from-home mom. Do you find yourself asking, how do I show my love to my mom? Every year when Mother’s Day is nearing, I never fail to ask myself, how can I show appreciation to her this year? 
If you’re stuck like me, here are three ways to make your mom's day!

1. Bring her out on a date

(and if you’re a daughter, what’s better than an all-girls date? 😉)
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As you grow up, the time spent with your mom decreases. Most likely, you only see your mom less than 6 hours a day as you might be out in school, at work, or hanging out with your friends during the day, and will only get home at night all tired and ready to tuck yourself into bed. 
Take this special day to spend some quality time with your mom by bringing her on a date, be it to catch a movie in the cinemas, do some shopping, take a walk along the beach, or dine out at her favourite restaurant. If going out isn’t really her thing, explore stay-home date ideas such as playing board games, flipping through old photographs and reminisce about old times together, or watching a Netflix series together at home.

2. Give her a full day rest

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Most moms are the busiest people, wearing multiple hats as a daughter, a wife, a mom, and an employee at work and the list goes on. Nothing says “I love you” more than giving her a full day of rest by at least doing some of the house chores like ironing the clothes and cleaning the house. Treat her like a princess by putting on your chef’s hat and prepare all three meals for her on this special day. Don’t forget to clean up after that as you’re supposed to ease her load for the day!

3. Get her a gift

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If you’re not one to show affection, the simplest way to thank your mom this Mother’s Day would be presenting her a gift that you carefully select. Consider getting her a customised modular crossbody phone sling case with her initial. Knowing how you are as a person, your mom would definitely understand that you’re trying to show her your appreciation.

“Love is a choice you make everyday” - Gary Chapman

Even though Mother’s Day is just once a year, let us continue to carry out these acts of appreciation not just on this special day, but hopefully every day of the year!

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