Xenia - Making Skincare Routine a Happy & Enjoyable Process

Xenia: Hi I’m Xenia, the founder of Sigi Skin, a local superfood-infused vegan skincare brand.

How did Sigi Skin first start?

Xenia: I was in Seoul taking up a makeup course. Her very first lesson was teaching us how to apply skincare properly in order to use less makeup. This spurred me to create my own formulas that are easy and effective.

We make sure that our formulas are unique to the market and suitable for all skin types. We also make sure that the price point is affordable so that more people can enjoy good skincare.

Values you hold dear to and why?

Xenia: I always make sure that we get the product formulation right instead of just getting it done, so all our products are everlasting, not just a trend.

Greatest challenge so far?

Xenia: ​​One of the biggest challenges would be Research & Development (R&D), production and ingredients sourcing during the pandemic. Supply chains have been hit quite hard, and there is a shortage of key ingredients that slowed down the whole development process. We had to postpone a product launch due to ingredient shortages.
There is also a pricing surge from almost all aspects - logistics to raw materials of ingredients and packaging, and we are trying to absorb most of the cost as much as we can so that people are able to enjoy the skin treats at the same price.

Words of encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Xenia: Be flexible and ready to adapt to changes! Nothing sticks to the plan all the time.

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How would you #TakeItAnywhere?

Xenia: Continue to be a direct-to-consumer brand creating formulas that are missing in the current market, and ultimately, bring Sigi Skin overseas.

I’m Xenia, founder of Sigi Skin, and I’m gonna #TakeItAnywhere!

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