The 5 Best Father's Day Gifts Your Dad Will Love

Father’s Day is almost here! Still scrambling for gift ideas? We’ve got you covered. Here are the 5 top gifts to show your gratitude and love for your Dad. You won’t go wrong with these! 

Customise His Gift 

You can’t go wrong with customised gifts. There’s a wide range of handcrafted, durable gifts available that you can personalise. Support small businesses and check out Etsy for endless options of such high-quality custom gifts! Get an embossed journal, a personalised wallet, or a coffee mug. You can even get his name customised on his phone case! Get it customised with Taizjo’s phone sling cases in 3 different font choices - Serif, San Serif or a unique initial in Morris Monogram.
Featuring TRUELUX Shockproof Case with Adjustable Blackgold Cord Customised in Morris Monogram

A Good Set Of Headphones

If your Dad really loves his music and TV shows or simply values his listening experience, a good pair of hassle-free wireless headphones would be perfect for him. Check out JABRA or Klipsch for a wide variety of headphones with impressive functions and quality - active noise-cancellation, quick-charge, high-sensitivity touch sensors. 

Go on a fun outdoor adventure 

There’s plenty to do in Singapore. Instead of gifting him a present, why not take your father out for some outdoor activities. Have a picnic at Marina Barrage, or explore Singapore on foot with Dad through our many heritage trails that you can find from We’re sure he’ll appreciate a lovely day outdoors while spending time with his family!

Hands-Free Crossbody Phone Sling Case 

Dads can be busy. They’re constantly working, running errands and are always on the go. A phone sling case perfectly adds a touch of functionality to his everyday life, so he can go about his daily tasks hands-free without losing his phone. Get a sleek, all-black NOIR phone sling case with a matching Black Lanyard or PP Cord for him today! He’ll love it, we promise :)

A relaxing staycation 

Sometimes, our fathers simply want to relax. Why not treat him to a staycation at a local hotel? Book a luxurious room at the Shangri-La Hotel or W Singapore, couple it together with a calming spa appointment and a feast at a fancy restaurant, and Dad’s Father’s Day will be perfect! 

Featuring Mark in NOIR Modular Phone Sling Case with Black Lanyard and Ines in DAWN Coral With PP Cord
“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature”. Fathers are our heroes, our friends, and our guides. This Father’s Day, let’s thank our Dads for all that he has done for us. Show him just how much you appreciate and love him for being the best Dad you could ever ask for.

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