5 Ways to Appreciate your Mom (at Home!) this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. While a celebratory dinner is out of the question with the extended circuit breaker – there’s no better excuse to devise acts of appreciation in your home. We’ve rounded up 5 ways to put a smile on your mom’s face this month: 

1. Cook Her A Meal

Forget the champagne brunches and fancy dinners. Nothing beats a piping hot, savory home-cooked meal prepared from scratch. This extra effort certainly won’t go unnoticed and will touch her heart to know that she is loved by you!
P.S. You’ll score brownie points by doing the dishes after. 😉 

2. Spend Quality Time Together

The gift of time is at the top of the list for Mother’s Day. Frankly, every mom deserves a little pampering. Why not indulge in sheet masks together? Even better, treat her to a massage for the ultimate home-spa experience.
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3. Give Her A Makeover

Don’t miss the opportunity to remind your mom just how stunning she is! Dress up with her and snap a few #OOTDs for some Instagram-worthy memories.
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4. Bombard Her With Warm Fuzzies

Bring tears to her eyes with little acts of love. Stick random ‘thank you’ notes around the house acknowledging all the things she does. This will definitely bring a smile to her face. 😍

5. Create a Special Gift Box

Even if you’re not crafty, you can easily make your mom feel oh-so-loved. Get adventurous with a gift box and top it off with a complete set of personalized items that range from succulents to handwritten notes. 
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Above all, let us not forget the power of the simplest encouragement – words of affirmation go a long way towards making any mom feel appreciated. How will you show appreciation on Mother’s Day? We’d love to hear more ideas… Share it with us on Instagram!
Note: Self-collection options from our office will be temporarily paused until further notice.

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