Ultimate Mom Hack: 5 ways a phone sling will simplify your life

Being a mother is not easy when your hands are always filled with things to do, but here are 5 ways Taizjo's phone slings can simplify it for you:

1. Snap and go

singapore crossbody phone case phone necklace
Never miss another precious moment! With your phone slung around you at all times, simply capture every memory and then dive straight back to the moment with your kids.

2. Carry less

singapore crossbody phone case phone necklace

Taizjo holds your phone so that you can carry your kids with both hands! You can also travel light using our phone slings with card slots. Simply walk out of the house with just your phone and transit or bank card! 

3. Pull together an outfit fast

singapore crossbody phone case phone necklace

The 12 varying colourways of phone slings allow any mom to find one that matches her style! Check out SANDSTONE for the minimalistic vibe or our collection of black cases for that chic look.

4. Save time

singapore crossbody phone case phone necklace
You probably wasted hours rummaging through your house or bag trying to find your mobile phone. But when your phone is always kept right by your side with Taizjo, you can use the time more productively!

5. Reduce accidents

singapore crossbody phone case phone necklace
Now that your phone's slung across your body, you need not worry about your child knocking it off your hands! Save time and effort from cleaning up messes so that you can care more for the little ones.

#TakeItAnywhere with Taizjo

Taizjo brings products that are relevant and well-designed so that you can free up space for the more important things in life.

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  • Rina

    Hi, I would like to purchase this item. I’m holding Samsung Galaxy S10+ .. is the casing Samsung S10+ ok?

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