Remove & Swap out Sling Options. Personalise with Text or a Morris Monogram.

Taizjo’s wide range of phone sling cases feature cords, straps and chains you can swap out from day to night. Or choose a modular phone cover where the sling can be completely detached. We also help you create personalised phone cases featuring your own unique text or Morris Monogram.

Order by 7th Mar for ship out on 15th Mar. Next batch order: 8th - 18th Mar, for ship out on 25th Mar.

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Morris Monogram
Click here to read more about the Morris Monogram.



Matte, soft-touch cases with impact-protection. Choose NOIR for a classic Black Lanyard Strap (or Pink!) or NOIRLUX if you prefer cords or chains. Cases can be used on their own and additional sling options available no matter the base choice.

DAWN Modular Phone Slings

DAWN features 3 colors of matte, soft-touch cases with impact-protection. Each come with a matching, durable 6mm PP cord with additional strap and gold chain options available.


Taizjo means “to carry” (带走). Our phone slings bring convenience and style, empowering you to become more productive by keeping essentials crossbody and handsfree. #TakeitAnywhere. We ship Worldwide from Singapore to Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan and more! 

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