The 6 Travel Accessories You NEED To Pack On Every Trip

It’s time to travel again! Afraid that you’re missing some things from your packing list? Here’s 6 travel must-haves you’ll definitely need on your trip. Before you fly, check out these 5 Important Travelling Tips as well to make the most of your vacation!

Travel Organisers 

Always ransacking through your luggages? Get travel space bags that are great for storing and packing your clothes while saving space. Waterproof travel toiletry bags are also a lifesaver - no more cumbersome leaks, and no more need for packing everything into ziploc bags. Speaking of organisation, what better way to stay organised other than owning your very own cardslot phone case? Store your cards safely in your phone with our Cardslot Phone Sling Cases so you can reach for your credit cards easily to shop.

Universal Phone Sling Bag 

Sightseeing, shopping, eating. We’re constantly walking around, busy visiting one attraction after the other, so it’s no surprise that we’ll always need our phone and wallet. Which is when a phone sling bag comes in extremely handy. VERSA 3.0 is basically your 3-in-1 phone sling, bag and wallet with 5 convenient card slots and a coin compartment. Multi-functional, while staying stylish - it can’t get better than this!

Universal Adapter 

There’s nothing worse than realising that your chargers don’t fit the plugs at your hotel. Sometimes we bring a few different travel adapters, only to realise that they don’t work as well. Why not get a universal one? With those that work for 150+ countries, you won’t need to experience this issue again. These are extremely compact, affordable and space-saving as well!
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Crossbody Phone Sling 

Phones are a necessity for a trip. We need them to communicate with others, look for information, take pictures and so much more. But it's easy to lose them while you're on a trip. Keep them in sight with a crossbody phone sling. Its convenient, anti-theft and also wonderfully stylish. Definitely a travel essential! Get a TRUELUX for a shockproof case, paired with an adjustable Black Lanyard or CLOUD Pearl Chain. 

Featuring TRUELUX Shockproof Case with CLOUD Pearl Chain Customised in Morris Monogram

Portable Charger 

What’s worse than chargers that don’t fit? A flat battery while you’re on a trip. If you don’t walk out with a full charge, it’s likely that it won’t last you for a full day out. Always pack and bring around a portable charger for emergencies. Your powerbank is great for keep all your other tech accessories charged up as well - definitely a must-have!
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Reusable water bottle 

Hydration is important while you’re travelling, so you’ll definitely need a trusty water bottle. Pack a reusable one so you don’t have to constantly buy overpriced bottles at the airport. Using a reusable one will help save the environment too! Try a roll-up or collapsible portable bottle for the ultimate space-saving solution.
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And you’re ready to fly! Embrace local culture, bask in some amazing scenery, snap those memorable pictures and have fun on your trip! 

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