5 Multi-Functional Essentials You Need In The New Normal

New goals, new habits, new necessities — this is what we need in light of the new normal. And sure, we can still keep some old habits at bay, but making sure that we’re well-equipped especially in these very challenging times should be a priority. So if you’re thinking of gearing up properly to face our current ‘today’, here are five multi-function essentials you need in the new normal.

A face mask that also doubles up as an extra accessory

Who said that just because you have to protect yourself, then your face guard has to be boring? Many face masks nowadays offer the protection we need against the virus, all while matching your favourite ’fits. If you’re a bit iffy about wearing anything other than the recommended surgical mask, then using a stylish face mask on top of it is nothing less than ideal for double-protection and still having a fun-loving look.

A trusty pair of sunnies

You might already be tired of hearing this but the droplets that spread the virus isn’t just something dangerous when inhaled. Getting it on any orifice, the most prone being your eyes, is also something to be considered. If you feel like face shields are not the most convenient, pairing up your masks with a trusty pair of sunglasses when heading out can be a great alternative. Not only does it help you combat UVA and UVB that might harm your eyesight AND serve as an extra shield against possible virus droplets in the air, you also get to serve some looks with a cool pair on your arsenal.


Your Taizjo phone sling case with card slot

Touching way too many things when you’re outside is not the way to go about things especially with a pandemic happening. With this, you’d want to keep things as hands-free and hassle-free as much as possible. That’s where your Taizjo phone sling case with card slot comes in. No need to sift through your bag after touching so many things to get to your phone or your important cards. Just wear it, keep it close, and all the more easy to disinfect without having to do the same with every single things your phone came in contact with. Did we mention it’s great for extra accessorising too?

A canvas tote bag


Canvas tote bags are not just for grocery shopping. In fact, in countries like South Korea or Japan, it’s considered as a great option for a daily bag as its versatile, spacious, and easy to clean. If you’re iffy about using it as your main arm candy though, why not use it as extra cover for your actual bag when you’re still in transit to wherever it is you’re heading to? Just like how your face mask is to your face, canvas tote bags are perfect for keeping harmful externals from your actual essentials bag, all while not looking too shabby as a ‘faux bag’ even when you’re currently commuting.

An umbrella


You’re probably surprised why an umbrella made this list, but hey, we’ve got the perfect explanation! Aside from protecting you from the crazy heat (not to mention harmful UV rays) in our region, umbrellas are perfect to serve as your extra hand or arm when dealing with surfaces while you’re out and about during the new normal. Need to hit that elevator button? Do it with your umbrella tip. Need to hold the door handle? Latch it with the umbrella hook or loop. Getting to disinfect your umbrella is a lot easier than already getting remnants of possible viruses and bacteria that are found in surfaces. Plus, washing your hands and using sanitisers are much needed, for sure, but it can be pretty drying so if you have an extra solution in mind, then all the better. Remember, aim for less contact if you can!

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