4 Ways to Relax with Taizjo.You

1. Luxuriate in Scents

Featuring Taizjo.You 100% Pure Essential Oils
Do not belittle how your sense of smell affects your body. Pure essential oils have various healing and mood-enhancing properties that will help many relieve the sense of anxiety.
Taizjo.You is a luxurious collection of globally-sourced essential oils and blends, to women create moments to simply “be”. ❤️

2. Take a Walk

Featuring Jana Yar in SANDLUX 2.0 with Luxchain and her husband, Sam, in BlackGold Card Slot Phone Sling
You would be surprised how taking a leisure walk helps in unwinding after a long week! Many of us are always rushing from place to place, taking a leisure walk allows you to bring yourself back to a steadier pace. It also allows you to focus on the present moment, as your senses engage with the environment.

2. Spend Some Me-Time

One of the ways to unwind would be to spend some time by yourself after a week of hustle! We understand that it’s nearly impossible to have any alone time especially if you’re a busy parent. However, it is important to put aside some me-time to recharge before the hustling begins again.

4. Indulge in Good Food

Indulging in your favourite food would brighten your day! Of course, be mindful of what you’re taking in, a little treat to yourself occasionally is still acceptable, but a healthy diet is always encouraged!

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