Suzette - Creating Welcoming Spaces, Bringing People Together

Suzette: Hi, I’m Suzette, the founder of Chez Suzette, a french-style cafe that can be your second home.

How did Chez Suzette first start?

Suzette: Sparks flew when my husband Jonathan and I first met in Singapore, and we both love cooking and preparing meals for our friends that we now call family.

We wanted to create a welcoming space for everybody and to have that genuine experience with our hospitality. 

Something you strongly believe in?

Suzette: We love to support local brands, so I personally handpicked a few brands that I really love, and created a space for them to showcase their products. We want to inculcate the culture that “We are stronger than Me”. 

Share the greatest challenge you’ve overcome in your business?

Suzette: Manpower. It is really quite difficult for us to find the right people who are gonna be really part of the Chez Suzette family. So, we really carefully interview a lot of candidates, and handpick those who have a similar vision that we have in Chez Suzette. 

If you could take Chez Suzette anywhere, where would it be?

Suzette: To open around the world and gather people all together.

I’m Suzette, and I’m gonna Take It Anywhere!


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