Sabrina & Elise - Best Friends for Life

Taizjo had a chat with best friends Sabrina and Elise where they shared about their life-long friendship 💜

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How did you first meet?

Sabrina: We technically crossed paths a lot of times, except we didn't know each other, until poly, once we got to know each other we actually clicked.

What’s your favourite hangout activity?

Elise: We like to go eat, a lot, because we both have ‘sweet tooth’.

Sabrina: And we love to shop, a lot.

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How would you describe your relationship to each other?

Elise : Low maintenance.

Sabrina: We don’t have to talk everyday to know that we’re actually there for each other. But when we meet we get more talkative, and we relate with each other more. I think we’re very truthful to each other, like if it’s wrong it’s wrong, even if it hurts each others’ feelings.  We’re always there for each other if we need each other.

What is your favourite memory together? 

Sabrina: Last year, I was really at my lowest. During that point of time, she was there for me. To me I feel like if I talk to her, she’ll understand more because she knows what I’m like. Sometimes when I’m sick, she actually sends me home.

Elise: I will text her “eh are you awake” out of the blue at 12am as I couldn’t sleep at night because I was feeling stressed, and she was there for me through text. 

What is one quality you love about each other?

Sabrina: She is very bold. She’s the type of person who would just go for it. Whatever the outcome, she won’t let anything stand in the way.

Elise: I think yours would be, your nonsense.

Sabrina: It’s okay la I know she still loves me anyway.

Where do you see each other in 10 years?

Sabrina: I feel that you would succeed in creating your own business. I feel like she has the potential to be a girl boss.

Elise: I think she will become a very successful actress. Taking care of her house, making sure it is very clean, and feeding all her cats. 

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If there’s anything you could say to each other, what would it be?

Sabrina: Please find the right guy for yourself, please stop going for the wrong guy!

Elise: I’m not very emotional, but I would say, love you!


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