Jane & Sabrina - Of Friendship & Raya

Taizjo had a chat with Sabrina and Jane to to find out more about their friendship and how they usually celebrate Hari Raya đź’ś


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How did the both of you first meet?

Sabrina: Ah she did my makeup

Jane: Yup

Sabrina: That’s how we met and then we developed a friendship from there, then we introduce (each other) to like other friends around us, and then that’s how we build the friendship

Jane: We just could click. She booked me, I came over, and I do her makeup, and 

Sabrina: What was the event?

Jane: She was going for her cousin’s wedding, she asked for bold makeup 

Sabrina: Yah cuz I was saying like I don’t want boring stuff so she did it for me

Jane: She talked a lot

Sabrina: Yah we have a lot of things in common we like makeup. Then we also wanted to build our profiles like Instagram so we had to do posts and stuff

Jane: We had to work together

What’s one favourite memory together so far?

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Jane: An event...

Sabrina: Oh wait, there was once we both broke up, we just broke up at that point of time so that whole week we were so sad and depress right but we had events everyday

Jane: so we dress up 

Sabrina: yah for that whole week we just spend time together almost everyday, we fill each other’s time with one another. I was driving that day so it was like really nice, we just dump all our goodies inside and then go out, have fun, take pictures

Jane: and then be sad again haha

Sabrina: but then we found our fiance so it’s fine

Sarah: nice! So are you gonna plan the wedding together?

Sabrina & Jane: no

Sabrina: I’m gonna have it august this year

Jane: I don’t wanna take her limelight 

Sabrina: she has to do my makeup anyway so haha

What does Hari Raya mean to the both of you?

Featuring Jane Shah in EDEN Ocean Blue with CLOUD Pearl Chain and Sabrina Marican in NOIRLUX with Blackgold Dacron Cord

Jane: More of a family time, as I can meet my close family and close friends to have ketupat together

Sabrina: for me I think it’s quality time with family, cuz everyone’s busy, I’m not even always at home everyday. For Hari Raya, I’m always at home, so I get to spend quality time with my parents and I’m gonna get married so I can introduce my fiance to my extended family as well

Sabrina: Last time we just went to the main grandparent’s house then everyone goes there you see them we meet everyone there.

Jane: I need to go to my grandmother’s house and then my uncle’s

Sabrina: Now we just stay home and zoom, and then I think we can only go once?

Jane: yah zoom, and maybe take more pictures with our family

Sabrina: family pictures, take more tiktok, play games

Jane: we have more quality time with our own family, but a bit boring ah

Sabrina: yah because we’re older, if we’re younger it’s fine, with cousins and stuff you know 

Jane: Usually we look forward to getting Angpao (Sampul Raya)!

Sabrina: now we have to give haha but it’s once in a while so we will just give as we don’t see the kids all the time

So how do you continue to encourage each other on your journey? 

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Jane: now we do our own things

Sabrina: over the years we try to help one another boost our profiles, like me, her (Jane), Wirda, Wani and stuff but I think we’ve past that stage whereby we just wanna do our own thing but we still want to be doing it together so that’s why we collab and stuff (e.g. projects), I think it is important to remember where we came from because friendship always starts with similar goals. Once you reach that, it’s how you maintain the friendship lah

Sabrina: we always make an effort to meet once in a while because sometimes it may be difficult. So for me I think I always check on them like my friends. Sometimes she (Jane) will do it but I think mostly me because she’s always busy

Jane: true

Sabrina: all of us always make an effort to meet up once in a few months

Will you all be meeting for Hari Raya?

Sabrina: probably at Wirda’s house yah

Jane: I’m gonna wear this black comfortable outfit, can eat a lot of ketupat

Sabrina: you and your ketupat

Jane: I love ketupat!

Sabrina: but it’s nice to eat rendang 

Jane: yeah

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