Christmas Gifting Made Easy

Oh what fun! Or is it? Christmas could be the most wonderful time of the year if one does not have to fret over what gifts to buy. If you're looking for Christmas gifting ideas, fear not as Taizjo is here with phone slings that are made for all types of unique individuals in your life! 

For the Fashion-Forward

Christmas gifting idea #1: This individual is stylish and always trendy; your pal here sure knows how to make style looks effortless. You would definitely please them with this highly-raved DESERTROSE phone necklace with card slot! Its sleek design and chic rose gold colour along with its functional card slot will up their daily outfits and delight them endlessly. 

For the Globetrotter

Christmas gifting idea #2: This is for that friend who is always roaming the world and searching for a new adventure! With its practical card slot and lush green patterned cord, decorated with hints of gold, black and beige, the RAINFOREST phone necklace will surprise this explorer with its aesthetics and functionality. Now when your friend trots the globe, they'll be sure to carry your thoughtful gift everywhere.

For the Avid Photographer

Christmas gifting idea #3: This buddy is always behind the camera and life would be a little easier for them with the SETSAILphone necklace! This versatile and durable phone necklace frees their hands so that they can better steer their cameras. Show some love for the photographers in your life by gifting them with this sturdy and practical phone sling that can withstand the winds and waves of their photo-taking endeavours. 

For the Angel

Christmas gifting idea #4: The name of this gift is apt for the friend who is like one! This friend is supportive, kind and always sees the best in others. It has a snowy cream cord that reflects the purity of your friend's heart and a card slot that would give them more convenience in their daily activities. Now it's time to remind them that they are loved too with the SNOWGOLD phone necklace

For the Minimalist

Christmas gifting idea #5: Who says simplicity means a compromise on style? Your minimalistic friends will know what I'm talking about with the BLACKGOLD phone necklace. They will appreciate its long-lasting and luxurious black and gold cord and its card slot will excite them by giving easy access to the most used card. Now they get to add onto the collection of items that give them both style and minimalism!

For the Crazy Creative

Christmas gifting idea #6: LIBERTY is for that buddy whose head is always full of wacky and out-of-the-world ideas. Their freedom to present innovative solutions and original expressions will always blow you away. Liberty frees their hands up for greater ideas. A Crazy Creative would now have more room to create thanks to you! 


Because Taizjo will always aim to bring well-designed, affordable products to go-getters on the go, helping them “carry” their dreams with elegance, zest, creativity and fun. And also, you get to buy more gifts for all your loved ones with these 2 great deals:

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