Charlene - Creating Clean and Effective Skincare For Our Tropical Climate

Charlene: Hi, I am Charlene, the founder of a local skincare company Glowfully, dedicated to creating clean and effective skincare formulations suitable for our tropical climate.

How did Glowfully first start?

Charlene: Glowfully is a gift from my mom, she encouraged me to start the company when I was her main caregiver during her final days as she was battling with stage 4 breast cancer.  

I did a lot of research on all the things she should avoid, and found out that there are controversial ingredients found in everyday products. We started tossing things away, and I swapped my essentials to clean brands. We tried a couple of brands, but we realised that the majority of them are tailored more for dry climate. 

This inspired me to create something that is not just clean, but also suitable for our Singapore warm and humid climate.

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Share the greatest challenge you’ve overcome in your business?

Charlene: When we launched, I had really limited funds, so I took a leap of faith to launch Glowfully with a single product, our Charcoal Beads Gel Cleanser. 

It was really heartening for me to receive so much support from the local community, and knowing that there are consumers that resonate with our beliefs kept me going. This really spurs me to create the range that we have right now.

If you could take Glowfully anywhere, where would it be?

Charlene: I hope to bring Glowfully internationally, where everyone with the same belief will know about Glowfully.

I’m Charlene, and I’m gonna #TakeItAnywhere!


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