Best Designer Crossbody Phone Cases for 2022

If you’re looking for a stylish crossbody phone sling case, look no further.
Taizjo offers classy, designer crossbody phone cases that fulfils both your functional and aesthetic needs.
These Crossbody Phone Necklaces help to keep your phones safe and they are compatible with both Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone models.
Read on to find out more about why Taizjo has the best designer crossbody phone cases!

1. Shockproof

Taizjo’s TRUELUX Crossbody Phone Necklace Case and TRUELUX (BOLD) Crossbody Phone Case features a transparent moulded case with corner guards and hard acrylic backing, giving your phones double the protection.

2. Trendy

With holographic being a 70s retro trend recently revived, our MIRACLE Shockproof Crossbody Phone Necklace Case is definitely the go-to crossbody case option that would keep you in trend in 2022.
On top of its shockproof acrylic backing, , it features a holographic coating, which even acts as a mirror once your phone is secured!
This festive season till 31 Dec 2021, we will be donating 20% of all proceeds from the MIRACLE Crossbody Phone Case and any phone slings with the ‘MIRACLES HAPPEN’ Print to the Singapore Children’s Society. ❤️ 

3. Detachable

Want your phone case to look completely normal when you are not slinging it? Taizjo’s NOIR, NOIRLUX, DAWN Rose, DAWN Grey, and DAWN Coral features a completely detachable loop, giving you the utmost convenience to use it for different occasions.

4. Longer Wear-life

In the spirit of conscious fashion, moulded loops offer a longer wear-life and also adds a touch of class to any outfit. This can be found in Taizjo’s VOILA, ARIELLE and EDEN Crossbody Handphone Cases.

5. Convenient

Taizjo’s Card Slot Phone Sling Cases comes with a transparent and flexible case with a card slot, allowing you to flaunt your phone’s original colour while having your necessities on you.
The LOVELUX phone necklace adds a touch of class to any outfit, while bringing the fun in function.

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