6 Best Reasons to Own a Taizjo Crossbody Phone Necklace in 2021

When I am out wearing my crossbody phone necklace, my friends always ask about my phone sling and where I got it from. They find that a phone strap would be a good investment to keep their phones close. I thought I’d lay out the reasons I have heard recently to show you why you should get your hands on a Taizjo crossbody phone sling.


1. You always can’t find your phone

Due to the pandemic, you will need to scan the Safe Entry QR code with the TraceTogether app on your phones before entering the mall if you are in Singapore. Have you ever experienced a situation where you had to hastily dig out your phone from your bag just so that you can scan the Safe Entry QR code in time to enter the mall without causing a congestion behind you? A phone necklace solves this problem. With Taizjo’s crossbody phone case, you know where your phone is.

2. You’re a Parent

Anyone who is raising kids knows that your hands will always be full, be it getting hold of a child running wild, picking up toys, or prepping meals. At the same time, you will also want to snap photos of their cute moments. With a crossbody phone necklace, your phone will always be ready, and you do not need to worry about dropping your phones while trying to get hold of your children when you’re outside.


3. You Love the Outdoors

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, you would probably want to travel as light as possible. You may also encounter moments where you need to put down your backpack just to fish out your phone to capture a photograph of a beautiful scenery. With a Taizjo crossbody lanyard phone case, your phone will not take up any space in your bags, and it will be readily accessible.


Panther Taizjo Crossbody Phone Case
Cr: @vaniamania


4. You want to Travel with Ease

When you take public transportation, there may be moments where you had to fish your EZ-Link Card out from the bottom of your bag. With a crossbody phone sling with a card slot, you will be able to access your EZ-Link or bank card without having to fish it out from your bags when you take the public transit or buy a drink. Where your phone is will be where your card is.


Taizjo Card Slot Crossbody Phone Case Necklace Snowgold

5. You wear clothes without pockets

One reason for getting a phone necklace is that you’re not always wearing clothes that have pockets, or have pockets big enough to hold your phones. Especially when you have bigger phone models such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung Note Series, which may be harder to fit into your pocket. Usually, you will end up holding your phone in your hands, which is very inconvenient. A phone sling case keeps your phone on you, while keeping you handsfree.


6. You love being on trend

Since wearing a phone necklace, I have been asked many times about it, and where I got it from. Besides being convenient, it is also a fashion accessory. Where it crossbody or like a necklace, Taizjo has them in different styles to suit your different needs!


Taizjo Crossbody Phone Case Necklace Sling

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