5 True Gifts of Christmas

The advent is filled with Christmas joy and magic. From tinsels on doorways (despite living in the tropics, haha) , massive Christmas trees lining Orchard Road and the KLCC Twin Towers; the world stops to rest in the season of love.

Here at Taizjo, we believe the greatest gifts for the season are things that can't hold material value. It is when we as people, feel most alive.

Taking a page from the mantra of seeking discomfort, here are 5 gifts that I believe are for this advent. 


1. Seek Genuine Relationships 

This year has shown us clearly that we all can get through anything, as long as we do it together. Call up a friend or a family member and tell them how thankful you are for them. It costs us nothing to give thanks, but the benefits hold eternal value. Or here’s a challenge, walk up to a stranger and compliment them! 

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     2. Seek Joy in the Little Things 

Baking Christmas cookies was an important part of Christmas every year ever since I could remember. 5 year old me would lick the leftover dough from the spatula whilst mom would set the trays of goodness into the oven to bake. To this day, baking with my mom is one of the mundane joys I look forward to. Joy is intertwined in every fiber of our lives, seeking it amplifies the strength in our lives. 

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      3. Seek Adventure 

For some of us, Christmas is the time we head out for an actual vacation. Despite many of our countries still in recovery towards the pandemic, adventure is still out there. Taking the time to try out that new restaurant down the road, or a new recipe to cook at home is an adventure in its own right.

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     4. Seek Colour 

Our lives have changed so much in the past year, and most of us focused on the negatives. This Christmas, wear your wackiest sweater and put on that glittery makeup, let yourself loose to the Christmas carols and dance in your living room! Life’s all about the different colours of the rainbow, and a life filled with colour, is a life worth living.


   5. Seek Goodness

Giving outweighs receiving. Giving comes from the goodness of our hearts to impact another person’s lives. This Christmas in your own capacity, find someone to give back to. It can be your neighbour, or even a stranger. Freely giving brings forth a love that transcends our own lives.

Show someone you care, give the gift of confidence.

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Have a blessed Christmas and New years, #Taizjofam, we love you all.


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