4 Effortless Ways To Look Good With Your Phone Sling Necklace #StylingTaizjo

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wear the same clothes every day to minimise decision fatigue. However, minimalism doesn't mean that you have to compromise fashion! Pam Mohan shows us 4 stylish and effortless ways to look good with your phone sling necklace:


1. Dress down? Dress Up!

We all love maxi dresses don’t we? You don't have to deal with the hassle of finding matching tops and bottoms - pick a long flowy dress such as this to be comfortable and in style all day for Singapore’s weather. 💃🏻
Spice up your pocketless outfit with our SEABREEZE Phone Sling as an accessory while using its convenient card slot function! Simply grab and go with your phone necklace sling, easy-breezy indeed. 🌀

2. Blaze & Transform

This is a no-brainer outfit for anyone who wants to look presentable while being able to stay cool outdoors: transform your simple tee-and-jeans outfit instantly with a blazer! ✨
To take your outfit up another notch, include our classic BLACKGOLD Phone Sling. With its chic and versatile black-and-gold soft dacron cord, it's no wonder BLACKGOLD is one of our best-seller phone necklace slings!

3. Stay Classy with Black, White and Gold

Colours are usually the issue when creating an outfit. Well, this ensemble begs to differ! Simplify your choices to just these 2 classic colours and you can't go wrong. 💁🏻‍♀️
With an outfit as classy as this, match it with the SANDLUX, an equally elegant phone sling necklace with a gold chain that can be used either crossbody or on your shoulder! 🌟

4. Coord for the Win

Always racking your brain for that perfect coordination? 😫 Reduce that mental effort to naught by getting a matching top and bottom such as this pantsuit!
Complete your elegant outfit with our classy DESERTROSE Phone Sling! With a glossy pink soft dacron cord and card slot case, it acts both as a subtle style accessory and your go-to card holder. 🙌🏻

#TakeitAnywhere with Taizjo :)

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