4 Ways to Style ARIELLE

This summer holiday, it’s time to relax, rewind, and rejuvenate. Sit by the beach, let the sun hit your face, let the calm waves hit your legs, and just forget about everything else.

Here are 4 ways to style our latest summer addition, ARIELLE ❤️

1. Bright and Bold

Never spend the summertime hiding behind drab colours, embrace ARIELLE’s bright tones and dress to impress!

Featuring Sarah in ARIELLE with Lanyard Strap

2. Seaside Vibes

Wear pearls to the beach this weekend to embrace the summer sun.

Featuring ARIELLE with CLOUD Pearl Chain

3. Cute

Pair ARIELLE with your favourite pastel patterned dress for a fun and whimsical look! 

Featuring Jana Yar in ARIELLE with Carnival Cord

4. Fun and Colourful

Be unique and wear your phone differently with our JOLIE Acrylic Chain.

Featuring ARIELLE with JOLIE Acrylic Chain

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