4 Styles to Glam Up For Hari Raya This Year 

Selamat Hari Raya! Hari Raya is a day full of new beginnings to celebrate love and victory. Here are 4 modern styles to glam up to celebrate this joyous occasion! Whether it’s cute, chic or elegant, doll yourself up and express your unique personality or even explore some new, fresh looks!

1. Pretty Pastel 

For those out there with gentle and shy personalities, this soft, pastel look is for you! It’s also a perfect match for Hari Raya, an occasion to celebrate innocence and a lovely spirit. Go for colours like muted pink, purple, and white to complete this cute, graceful look. 

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2. Modest Formal 

Who said you can’t look fashionable while dressing in a modest style? If you prefer a mature, modest look, go for simple patterns and colours. Nude, cream or duller colours are great to pull off a soft, approachable but stylish look. Match it with a youthful, exuberant DAWN in Coral with CLOUD Pearl Chain to give it a contrasting pop of colour.

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3. Classic Chic 

Although Hari Raya is all about everything new and bright, dark colours are also amazing for a classic, chic vibe for the confident and bold. Mix and match it with accessories such as dazzling jewellery or a bold, dark EDEN in Forest Green or NOIRLUX with Luxchain to rock your outfit. 
Featuring team at Katt & Co in EDEN Modular Phone Sling in Forest with  Luxchain

4. Elegant Floral 

Floral prints add the perfect, feminine touch to your outfits for you dainty, graceful gals. Exude elegance and confidence while having fun with these delicate, colourful details, and pair it with some stunning beads or necklaces. Floral never gets old! 

Here’s wishing all our Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! May this holy month bring you love, peace, and prosperity. 
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