TRUELUX (iPhone) Shockproof Crossbody Phone Sling Case - Cord series

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Flaunt what you have and protect what you love with Taizjo's TRUELUX Shockproof Phone Sling Case. This modular system phone necklace is designed to take you anywhere! Featuring a transparent moulded case with corner guards and hard acrylic backing, this double protection modular case is the perfect way to show how much you love your original phone colour!

Go day-to-night and #TakeitAnywhere, with TRUELUX's longer wear-life phone case (no metal rings to warp over time) in the spirit of conscious fashion while adding a touch of class to any outfit.

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- Lightweight and Water-resistant
- Choose from our wide range of Lanyards in different colors: Black, Pink, Beige, Lilac, Mint, Navy, Green or Maroon Lanyard Straps
- Flexible Protective TPU casing with corner guards and acrylic backing
- Moulded design lasts longer than ring-based phone sling cases



* Samsung Note owners, please take note that to support the modular function, the stylus pen has to be covered by the handphone case in this structure. We have customers from Japan and Korea who are fully in support of this.

Not sure how to remove the stylus pen? It is a similar proccess to how the modular attachment loop is removed from the phone casing. Click here to see a video example of how you can remove the stylus pen.



Please ensure that you select the correct phone model for your phone crossbody sling case. Kindly note that phone models which are wrongly ordered by customers are not eligible for exchange or refund. :)


Got dirt on your phone necklace case? Spot clean it with a damp cloth. Please do not machine wash your phone sling case as well as their accompanying chains, cords and straps (if any) as the they are subject to wear and tear. For a longer product life for your handphone sling cases, avoid excessive friction, moisture and heat.


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