iPhone Sling Case In Singapore



Looking for a chic new iPhone sling case? Whether you’re a student, a fresh grad making your first foray into the working world, or a busy woman on the go, we definitely have something for YOU. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got your back! Durable, convenient, and personality-led, our classy iPhone case necklace allows you to #TakeItAnywhere and channel your own one-of-a-kind personality in your everyday looks.

The Best iPhone Crossbody Case 

Imagine never having to fumble for your device in your black hole of a bag ever again! Our team in Singapore lovingly designs the best iPhone crossbody case collection in the region. With a wide range of types and colours of both cord and lanyard straps to pick from, you can customise your iPhone case to your heart’s desire.Whether you decide to wear it crossbody, over one shoulder, or around your neck like a necklace, you can #TakeitAnywhere with endless possibilities. 

For added convenience, definitely give our unique card slot crossbody cases a go. Simply slip your EZ-link card, bank cards, or even an instant photo in the card holder, and you’re good to go! Forget rummaging through your bag or pulling out your wallet for your cards, going to the shops or your daily commute to the office will now be a fuss-free affair

Check out our phone cases with card slots for iPhone here

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