#TakeitAnywhere with Akaei Ray

Cosplay is a form of art that allows for self-expression. We had the pleasure of interviewing a member of the #TaizjoFam community: Akaei Ray, who embraces the art of cosplaying with passion. 💫💕
Q: How did you get started on cosplay?
 AR: “It started when I tagged along with my friends to an anime convention, Anime Festival Asia (AFA), back in 2015. Having the opportunity to meet other cosplay fanatics was very invigorating – we displayed shared interests with a wonderful variety of costume choices. My passion grew stronger from 2017.”
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Q: What inspires you for your looks?
 AR: “My source of inspiration mainly stems from the Japanese culture. Harajuku fashion heavily inspires me for my original looks and characters. I take references from anime and manga too.”
Q: What is your favorite part about doing cosplays?
AR: “Hands-down, it has definitely got to be being able to transform into the characters that I love! Touring conventions and meeting new people who (not only recognize my character but) come up to me to ask for pictures are memorable experiences. Ultimately, what sparks joy for me is befriending like-minded souls who share the same passion for characters.
Q: Where do you hope to take this?
AR: “I hope to pursue cosplay and content creation as a hobby for as long as I can. It has been an eye-opening and enjoyable experience for me thus far. 😊

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