4 Ways to Style for Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya! Up your outfit game by accessorising with your most handy tool - your phones! Here’s how you can match your phone with your wardrobe.

1. Tone on Tone

Named after the small and delicate flower, blossom like a lilac by styling lilac on lilac with VOILA.

Like the color of the ocean and the sky; blue often symbolizes serenity and peace. Style blue on blue and experience calmness with EDEN in Ocean and Luxchain

There’s no such thing as too much black! Be bold and show confidence by styling black on black with NOIRLUX and Blackgold Cord.

2. Turn Up The Lights!

 Sugar, yes please! 😍   Show off your sweet and passionate side with a touch of playfulness by styling maroon on pink with EDEN in Plum.

3. A Down to Earth View

Here’s where beauty meets the natural goodness of the Earth. Style earth tones with a touch of classiness with TRUELUX and Forest Lanyard, and SANDLUX 2.0 and CLOUD Pearl Chain.

4. Cotton Candy Chic

Ahh… Relax your minds with soft pastel colours that exudes calmness and softness by styling pastel colours with DAWN in Coral.

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