On Wednesdays, we wear PINK!

Welcoming summer, hoomans at Taizjo hopes to shower you with pastel love 💕
Here are 3 ways to stay pretty in pink!

1. Soft-Girl

Pastel colours will never go wrong on each other. Style pastel pink on any pastel outfits and you’re all set for a soft-girl #ootd 😍

2. Street

Go for a street look with a pink lanyard strap for the cool girls 😎 

3. Classy

Add a touch of glam to your #ootd with a gold chain ✨
Mix-and-Match your crossbody phone sling case with Taizjo’s DAWN Modular Phone Sling, now available in a bundle: DAWN in Rose Pink with PP Cord + Luxchain  only at $79.90 (U.P. $82.90)

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