#TaizjoFam Jana Yar: It's Family First, then Creativity

Sleeves of kickass tattoos, a head of brightly coloured hair and an eye for photography- Jana Yar smashes the stereotype of what mothers in Singapore should look like. Taizjo sat down for a chat with the brains behind ensofphotography about creativity, following your passions and motherhood. 

Jana Yar wears ARIELLE with CARNIVAL Cord. (Husband) wears DAWN in ROSE with Pink Lanyard Strap

What was your journey to becoming a photographer in Singapore?

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Jana: I came to Singapore to finish my degree in photography at LASALLE and ended up staying 13 years! I started as an event photographer shooting parties since I liked going out and slowly moved on to shoot food and cocktails. I like to eat and drink so it came to me naturally! 

What motivates and inspires you creatively?

Jana: I love that I get to work with amazing people running establishments here and they inspire me everyday with their energy. 


How has motherhood influenced your work style?

Jana: Motherhood has changed my work life tremendously. I spend less time on work- I never work past 5-6pm. I spend so much more time on my kids, sometimes I even try to involve them in my work by bringing them out for shoots with me! 

How do you balance work and motherhood? 

Jana: Since my work as a photographer is flexible, I’m able to set my own schedule for shoots. This really helps me balance family while working at my own pace. 


How do you approach motherhood with creativity? 

Jana: Personally, motherhood made me more flexible and able to multitask. I try to involve my kids in creative activities at home. We do lots of crafts, paint and play with playdoh and kinetic sand. All my kids even have little cameras! 

What are some creative tips you have for other parents? 

Jana: I started a book with my children called the 365 day photo album. My son and I take a photo every day, print it and stick it into the album. It’s a beautiful way for us to bond. 

Jana continues to put family first as she develops inspiring content for F&B establishments and family content on her Instagram page.

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