Minor Miracles founder Dawn Bey: That’s what BFFs are for

Above: Leanne (left) wears NOIR Modular Phone Sling while Dawn wears Panther 2.0 Phone Sling with Black Case. All outfits from Minor Miracles.

We're celebrating every woman this International Women's Day! 😍 Taizjo co-founder Sarah De Winne chats with Minor Miracles (MM) founder, Dawn Bey, and her BFF Leanne Lim, to find out more about Dawn’s journey, their more than decades-old friendship and the importance of every woman having that one BFF through it all! 💪 

Sarah: Tell us more about how Minor Miracles (MM) came about?

Dawn: I’ve always loved doing fashion (when I first met you, Sarah, I was a fashion blogger!) but had to fulfill an expectation of doing a business degree first. I eventually went on to complete a fashion course in Hong Kong. I don’t regret my journey at all now because I’m able to combine my knowledge of marketing and business analysis to create a brand that I believe will have commercial relevance without losing the craft of fashion.


Leanne (left) and Dawn in NOIR Modular Phone Sling


Sarah: What makes MM different from other fashion brands?

Dawn: We don’t want to get caught up in the fast fashion trend, but rather maintain the craft of fashion through our prints and in-house sampling. We make our own prints instead of buying them from a designer or from a fabric wholesaler. We also design, pattern make, and sample our designs for the collection in-house rather than outsource them to the factory. MM is a space to constantly create new things with our skills and gifts.

Sarah: How has Leanne been crucial in your journey so far?

Dawn: We’ve known each other since we were kids at church, but we used to have other BFFs.

Leanne: I still remember — her then best friend left for another church, and she called me up on the house phone one day to ask, “Can you be my new best friend?”

Dawn: Hahaha, I don’t remember that at all!

Dawn wears LOVELUX Phone Sling while Leanne wears SANDLUX Phone Sling

Leanne: We drifted away from each other a little, especially when Dawn was studying overseas. But when she came back, we started reconnecting because we were both in a similar phase of life.

Sarah: You mean, finding a partner, settling down? Leanne, you’re a mom, aren't you?

Leanne: YES, especially when it came to Jason (Dawn’s husband and co-founder of MM), I had to make sure he lived up to his talk.

Dawn: At the time, there was another guy who was interested in me and I was torn between both. I asked God for signs and He gave me two amazing signs, that I should give Jason a chance. AND on the very first date we went on, we happened to bump into Leanne and her husband at the cinema, and that was it, Leanne was on it.

Leanne: Yes, it was unusual, and also because of the age gap — I wanted to be sure that he was serious about her.

Dawn: Jason was not my “type”, Leanne knows…


Leanne and Dawn in NOIR Modular Phone Sling


Leanne: So it was really a process of getting to know Jason better. Once he was connected to my husband, I found out they are both Arsenal fans and started talking about watches… that’s it, man, haha.

Sarah: Wow, so I guess he passed the test?

Dawn: We got married in less than a year of dating. Leanne was there every step of the way.

Leanne: Yeah, it was so important for us to see how genuine and serious that Jason was about Dawn, and we’re so happy for them.

Dawn: I’m just glad that Leanne has been journeying with me through this!

Sarah: Are you involved in MM at all, Leanne?

Leanne: Of course, I’m her biggest supporter ;)

And that's a wrap! We hope you gained some interesting insights into the beauty of friendships among women. For this International Women's Day, express your appreciation to every uplifting woman in your life by getting them a little gift! Consider Taizjo's phone slings: they are the perfect stylish and functional presents to thank them and let them know that you ❤️ them.

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