5 ways to practice mindfulness

It’s easy to get swept up in the whirlwind of life and find that your balance and sense of self has been thrown off kilter. Breathe space into your daily routines and re-center yourself by practicing mindfulness. Here are 5 simple ways you can incorporate mindfulness in your daily routine!

1. Mindful wakeup - Start with a purpose

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Start your day on a good note! Before you grab your phone for your routine check-in or social media scroll, take three long, deep breaths and take a moment to yourself before you start the day. Set three intentions for the day - eg: “Today I will be kind to myself; drink lots of water; and let go of negativity.”

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2. Observe your thoughts

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Get into the practice of observing your thoughts judgement-free — even the subconscious ones when you’re zoning out during the day. Let your judgements roll by; you are not your thoughts! Take a mental note of them and observe when your mind begins to drift, but be kind to your wandering mind.

3. Connect with your senses

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Your five senses are your gateway into the present moment. Pause to soak up the sunshine on your way to work. Stop to smell the flowers. Take in the aroma of that freshly brewed cup of coffee. Notice the little joys in life, and ground yourself in the present.

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4. Practice active listening

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Sometimes while others are speaking, we’re in our own heads forming our responses to engage with the conversation, and tune out unintentionally. Practice listening not only with your ears, but also with your heart and mind, and observe if this improves rapport and mutual understanding in your relationships.

5. Meditate or practice yoga!

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A quick 10 minute meditation or mindful yoga session can help to quiet your mind, helping you to cultivate a deeper understanding and connection to yourself. Both teach you to tune in to your breath, acknowledge your thoughts and feelings, and learn to accept reality as it is in that moment. 

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