5 Ways To Love This Valentine’s

Everyone expresses and receives love differently. This Valentine's Day, show that you care using these 5 methods inspired by Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages!

1. Say it with words

Actions don't always speak louder than words. Have a heart-to-heart conversation with your lover and remind them just what you love about them.

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2. Show it with actions

Tell them that they're not alone by helping them to unload some burdens. It can be as easy as helping them to do some house chores or serving them a cuppa! 
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3. Convey through gifts

It is not about materialism, but about the thoughts that went into the gift. Your partner would see how much you understand them through this gesture!

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4. Emphasise it with quality time

Love doesn't always have to be flamboyantly expressed. Simply take some time off and give your loved ones your attention to tell them that they matter.

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5. Demonstrate with physical touch

This is one of the simplest ways to express affections. A hug or a shoulder massage would remind your partner that you've got their backs!
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