5 Ways to Have an Egg-citing Easter

This year, we can’t do our usual egg-hunting with all our family and friends due to the restrictions in place. Even so, fret not! Here are 5 ways to make your Easter weekend an eggs-tra meaningful one 🥰


1. Catch Up with Your Friends

We may not have met up with our friends during the past one year due to the changes the pandemic has made to our routines. As we hop right into the end of the week, let’s make use of this long weekend to catch up with the girlies!

While you get matchy-matchy with your girlfriends with Taizjo’s crossbody phone sling case, don’t forget to keep these memories by snapping some photos for the gram!


Taizjo Crossbody Phone Sling Case Dawn Modular Phone Necklace

Here’s Sarah with her girlies in Taizjo’s  DAWN Crossbody Phone Sling.


2. Be Your Own TikTok Star

It’s got light and it’s got action - your bedroom is the perfect stage set of the moment! All you have to do now is to grab your phone and start grooving to your favourite TikTok hits 🎬

Fear you might drop your phone during your TikTok shoot? With Taizjo’s crossbody phone necklace keeping your phones safe, it’s time to show off your TikTok moves to the rest of the world! 


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3. Be Your Own Masterchef

Satisfy that belly of yours this Easter weekend by whipping up your all-time favourite dishes with your family. Take this opportunity to bond with your family, and all that preparation will definitely be worth the extra cleanup. Free your hands while keeping your phones readily accessible with Taizjo’s crossbody phone sling case. Now you can whip out your phones any time to snap photos for the gram! ✨



4. Do Some Online Shopping

Time to update your wishlist! Click the boredom away and throw yourself into the black hole of online shopping. Get a meaningful gift for you and your loved ones this Easter ❤️

Before you cart out, consider upgrading your phone game with Taizjo’s crossbody phone sling cases which are perfectly stylish and functional. 


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Psst… Taizjo will be having an Easter Weekend 4.4 Sale! 


5. Relax and Unwind

The past year’s probably been tedious having to adapt to the changes brought by the pandemic. After a hectic week, remember to relax and keep your stress levels in check. Start by practicing some breathing techniques for stress relief or even listening to your favourite tunes! Spending time with your loved ones is also a great remedy ❤️


Taizjo Modular Crossbody Phone Sling Case


Regardless of whether you are celebrating Easter or not, take this long weekend as a mini-break for you! Here’s wishing all our #TaizjoFam a Good Friday and Happy Easter! ✨

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