5 Tips for Travelling Now That Borders Have Reopened

It’s time to get your dusty luggages out again! Under the Vaccinated Travel Framework, fully-vaccinated travellers are allowed to return to Singapore from any country. As we seek to return to pre-covid living, we’re now free travel to any country in the world that has already reopened its borders, with Japan being an exciting latest addition with its limited test package tours. Since it’s been a while since we all travelled and regulations have changed quite a bit since pre-pandemic times, here are 5 consolidated tips from us to get you on your best trip ever! 

Check the requirements 

But of course, we can’t skip the important stuff. Remember to check requirements imposed by foreign authorities. Check with the authorities of the destination country/region on the requirements imposed on travellers departing from Singapore, including pre-departure approvals/declarations, COVID-19 tests or accepted vaccinations. You may refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel guides for such information. 
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Get travel insurance

We can’t emphasise on this enough! Getting the right travel insurance can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble and inconvenience should you encounter any adverse situations. Make sure to purchase comprehensive travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage, and including medical evacuation in case of emergencies. Be sure to also familiarise yourself with the terms and coverage of your policy

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Keep your valuables close 

Now that we’ve gotten the boring stuff out of the way, here’s an important tip to travel with ease: Keep your belongings and valuables close to you. While we’re used to living in Singapore without travelling for the past 2+ years, make sure not to let your guard down while travelling. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your bag, phone and other valuables in your sight. Our phone slings are great for this as they’re virtually always on you, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing them, or getting them potentially stolen (putting them in your pockets - always the culprit!) Try a NOIR or a RENEE Crossbody Phone Sling Case - our trusty, modular phone cases with sturdy attachments that you can sling around you to perfect your vacation to the next level. 

Do your research

Before you book that flight, it’s crucial to do your research. Make sure you know enough about your destination to make sure that it’s safe and ensure that the logistics of your trip do not interfere with your plans. You don’t want to spend a whole day driving or hiking to reach a mediocre scenic spot, or find out that an attraction is closed for the week. Other than that, it’s also important to choose a destination that suits your personal interests or what you really want to experience so that you can truly have fun.

Interact with local culture 

Travelling opens our eyes and mind to new ways of life and cultures. Allowing ourselves to do so paves the way for us to understand other viewpoints better and grow as people. While travelling, take the opportunity to interact with locals. Learn a few phrases of their language, talk to them, engage in their culture and take some special pics with them! Pictures are a great way to capture those memories. While you’re snapping away, it can get inconvenient to take your phone in and out of your bag, or holding it in your hand. For you IG-fanatics, a phone sling is a must-have while travelling to take all your Instagram pics anytime conveniently. We suggest a SANDLUX or DAWN Phone Sling Case - not only are they super useful, but they always look great with any of your OOTDs! 
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Happy Travelling! 
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