4 Ways to Spend Your Weekend (post-P2HA!)

We know you’re tired of being cooped up at home the past month, so here are 3 ways to reward yourself and unwind with the loosened restrictions!

1. Sign up for a Terrazzo Style Pill Tray Workshop 

[Featuring Joyce in  DAWN Rose]

With dining and home visiting restrictions in place the past month, it might have been hard to catch up with your friends. Sink into the world of art with your friends at Chokmah's Terrazzo Style Pill Tray Workshop!

2. Go Cafe-hopping

[Featuring Sabrina in CLOUD Pearl Chain at La Fez Bakery & Cafe]
Time to make the most out of that new fit that’s been sitting in your closet! Go cafe-hopping and snap some cute shots in one of the many aesthetic cafes and restaurants in Singapore (#Supportlocal!) 
We’ve missed the Shakshuka at La Fez, our favourite Moroccan-style cafe!
Take an OOTD for the Gram or shoot a TikTok with ease in Taizjo’s crossbody phone sling. 

3. Sign up for a Yoga Class

Is sitting at your work-from-home station all day giving you a bad back? Drag your yoga buddy and reward yourself with a relaxing day at Jyan Yoga Studio (pssst… their studio classes have resumed since 21st June!). Relax and unwind after a long day at work with stretch and flow classes or have some fun learning how to float in acroyoga.

4. Have Family Fun Outdoors

[Featuring Jana Yar in ARIELLE with Carnival Cord and her husband Sam Yar in DAWN Rose with Pink Strap]
With the loosened P2HA restrictions, we can finally go out in fives. This is the last weekend to bring your kids out for some outdoor fun before their June holiday officially ends!
Don’t forget to document these memories by snapping some photos for the gram!

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