At Taizjo, our fashionable phone sling with card slots are perfect no matter what your daily life entails. Be as spontaneous as you want because our design-led creations look just as good in the office as they do in the club. Featuring a diverse colour palette to match a variety of Samsung models (alongside iPhones and Huawei devices), your chic outfit will be complete with our luxe phone slings.

      Slot your access, transit or bank card into our phone sling’s convenient card slot and you’re ready to #TakeItAnywhere.

      Maximise Convenience in Your Daily Life

      Adding a phone sling to your everyday items is already a smart idea whether you’re working from home or are always on-the-go Just slot in your EZ-Link, access or bank card and our fancy Taizjo phone slings will keep them safe and accessible for whenever you need them.

      Taizjo’s entire range of phone slings has been cleverly designed to make life as easy as possible. Our innovative accessories are both lightweight and water-resistant, plus the protective casing will safeguard your valuable Samsung device from scratches and bangs. You can adjust the sling’s cord to keep your phone right where you need it, while it’s also easy to give a quick spot clean when required.

      Choose Taizjo and Update Your Lifestyle

      Smartphones have revolutionised how people go about their daily lives. Transform your lifestyle even more by choosing one of Taizjo’s phone slings with a card slot for Samsung devices.

      Don’t see your phone? Reach out and let us know what model you’d like to see added to our range.

      4 products

      4 products