For stylish laptop sleeves that make a subtle statement, Taizjo’s collection can’t be beaten. Based in Singapore, our exceptionally crafted products are produced from high-quality, vegan leather that’s made to last. Across our comprehensive range of phone and laptop cases, Taizjo’s design-led tech accessories feature an attractive modern aesthetic and offer essential protection for your device of choice.

      Find the Perfect Product with Taizjo

      Our outstanding laptop sleeves stand out for a few key reasons. The first-rate material we use throughout our range feels delightful in your hands, plus we ensure everything we create is incredibly durable. Meanwhile, our design team is dedicated to producing beautiful objects that are ideal whether you’re just around Singapore or are always on-the-go for travel.

      Discover What Makes Us Special

      Featuring a distinctive selection of colours across gold, silver, purple and transparent, our cases and sleeves protect your device and give it a vivid personality.

      Based in Singapore, our in-house design team creates luxurious designs using a variety of high-end patterns and materials. Meanwhile, we strive to keep our products inexpensive because everyone deserves to own gorgeous objects that can be used for years to come.

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      Got a question or a design suggestion? Leave us a note on our online form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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