The MIRACLE Collection

by Taizjo Founder Sarah X. Miracle 
One year ago we started doing some TikTok content just for fun. Over time, I think we have developed a following that really loves our family, and at some of our TikTok lives we had people ask us “are you going to be releasing some merchandise?”

So we asked them what kind of merchandise they thought would be suitable and they all said hoodies - I guess they are all young people right? We thought yeah hoodies are cool and Ines was like “I want a hoodie too”.  So we got daddy (@markdewinne) to design a MIRACLE Hoodie with his own typeface design. 
Featuring the Miracle Familie in the MIRACLE Hoodie

We decided that we would create something for our Taizjo followers as well - the MIRACLE Rainbow Holographic Mirror Crossbody Phone Case. The rainbow really represents the promises that something better is going to happen. Also that now I am expecting, this is really a season of me understanding what it means to have a rainbow baby,  and even empathising with other women who have not been able to conceive or have suffered miscarriages from pregnancy loss, and then have to go through the anxiety even while being pregnant. 

I feel that the rainbow nature of this case is very timely in declaring that you know the storm is over and the rainbow is here, and we are going to enter a new season of miracles. That’s why the print which is in another of Mark’s original typeface designs says “Miracles Happen”.
We thought that in this season we wanted to bless other people who have more needs than us. So we will be going to donate 20% of all the proceeds from the whole entire Miracle case and the Miracle print to Singapore Children’s Society, which benefits low income families in quite a few different programmes, helping them with pocket money, textbooks. They also help to empower the families with parenting workshops and things like that. So, the Miracle print will also be available on the rest of our customisable phone cases
We do believe that we want to create value for you, we want to make sure that you have a nice product that you like, interchangeable slings that you can use on different occasions, hoodies for sweater weather.

We really really appreciate your support in continuing to follow this journey with us.

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