Men’s Styling: 5 Pro-Tips for Any Season

It doesn't have to be a repetitive bore or a splitting headache when it comes to fashion for men. Dillon and Mark show us 5 worry-free ways to look good no matter how you're feeling!

1. Add textures to a monochrome outfit

Still scratching your head for which top to pair with which bottoms? Make it easy by going for the same colour group like what Mark did here. Using different textures will also help to keep your outfit interesting!
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2. Choose a good pair of shoes

Shoes always complete the outfit. Throw on a pair of easy-to-match shoes to add some oomph to your outfit and you'll be out of the house looking great in a jiffy!
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3. Layer on!

Outerwear can accentuate any outfit. Worried about the hot weather? Simply choose a Noragi to pair with your outfit! The Noragi (野良着) was originally worn by the working class and it is marked by a loose, unstructured fit that makes it easy to wear and move about in, even under the blazing hot sun.

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4. Look instantly sharp with a waistcoat

Enhance your usual outfit into a preppy one by throwing on a waistcoat. Look immediately sharp and professional with this simple piece of clothing!
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5. Double down denim

Don't call the fashion police just yet! Denim on denim works when you pair them with different shades or textures.  As a general rule, lighter shades of denim draw attention to the various body parts while darker washes create a slimming effect.
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Get ahead with Taizjo

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