Charlotte & May Ann - Best Friends For Life


Taizjo had a chat with Charlotte from The Renaissance and her best friend, May Ann, to find out more about their long-lasting friendship 💜

Q. How did the both of you first met?

Charlotte: I first met May Ann at choir. I think how we became friends was that I keep thinking your name wrong at first. It was like "Hi May-en", and she was like "May Ann".

Q. What was the most difficult moment(s) together?

Charlotte: One would be May Ann's mom falling sick last year.

May Ann: My mom was diagnosed with cancer, so it was quite a difficult time for my family but Charlotte was there, she would make soup for me and my mom.

The hardest period I've seen Charlotte through was when she had to close Guac & Go which was her old cafe. I remember there was one day we were sitting at P.S Cafe at Raffles City and we were both holding hands and crying.

Charlotte: I think it is important for me to have strong friendships like May Ann because I was feeing super lonely and alone, during that period of time when I was closing the business. Having someone like May Ann who I could talk to, it gave me some strength.

I was telling May Ann you know I really like to go into jewelry and accessories, and then she was like "I will be your first investor!". I sort of just put it aside because I don't really have the time to go into it but it was always there. Along the way, I met my partner and she was also someone who was very interested in jewelry. A few months later, we started Renaissance and it has been about a year now.

May Ann: And I don't usually wear jewelry but... (goes on to show the jewelry she's wearing in the video).


 Pictured: May Ann (left) with SANDLUX 2.0 Phone Sling Case with Carnival Cord and Charlotte (right) with SANDLUX 2.0 Phone Sling Case with Luxchain.

Q. Words of Encouragement?

May Ann: Just keep doing what you love, and I think when you are genuine, it really shows in front of the camera, in front of what you do, and people will see that you are natural and that you are just doing what you love.

Charlotte: Thank you

May Ann: You're welcome

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