Get a phone case that keeps up with your lifestyle by using a modular phone sling case. Ideal for people who spend their days on the move, these nifty products allow you to change up detachable parts and produce a unique case that’s awesome for every occasion. Plus, a modular phone sling will protect your device from dirt, scratches and sudden bangs.

Based in Singapore, Taizjo’s trendy phone slings feature a range of designs to suit any kind of wardrobe or lifestyle.! Choose a modular case that matches your personality and create an enviable statement piece that’s equally as functional. detachable phone slings, simply unhook the cord from the bottom of the case and replace it with a style that fits the vibe you want for quick personalisation

Your Modular Phone Case Style Guide

Taizjo offers neutral black slings that are great for presenting a polished and professional appearance. If you prefer to use your phone case as a necklace, choose the black PP cord for a sleek office-friendly outfit. After clocking out, switch to your day-to-night look with a gold chain and you’re instantly ready for a night out on the town.

For a chic utility look, pair your modular phone case with our hip lanyard straps. The seductive black option is great for every occasion, while our cute pastel pink is adored by people with a bubbly aesthetic. Decide on a detachable phone sling that complements your casual, corporate or formal outfit and #TakeItAnywhere.

Taizjo’s modular sling phone cases suit a host of iPhone, Samsung and Huawei models. Stock up on a range of phone straps and you can experiment with a fresh look every day! Meanwhile, if you spend more than SGD 50, you’ll receive free tracked postage to your address in Singapore.

Can’t Find Your Model?

Don’t see the phone model you need? Leave us a message and tell us what you want to see in our range next!