Your smartphone is an extension of your personality so make sure it reflects just that! That’s where a custom phone case by Taizjo comes in. We can produce a unique case that expresses your individual sense of style and ensures the world around you takes notice.

Proudly made in Singapore, Taizjo provides an innovative range of custom phone cases. Along with our innovative range of fashionable phone slings, we embed style and convenience into everything we design.

Keep Your Unique Phone Safe and Secured

From once-in-a-lifetime holiday pics to vital business contacts, so much essential information is stored on our smartphones. This is why you need a top-notch custom phone case that protects your precious device. Avoid any unnecessary mishaps by selecting an outstanding design that saves your smartphone from scratches, dents and hard impacts with Taizjo’s durable and stylish custom collections.

Who We Are

Singapore-born Taizjo strives to create trendy, eye-catching custom phone cases that capture the vibrant spirit of our customers while also protecting their devices. Our design-led smartphone accessories combine style with functionality as they both look amazing and shield devices from avoidable damage.

Aside from added protection, Taizjo has a phone case that will surely reflect your individual style. Browse our extensive collection of designs and find one matching your aesthetic.

P.S., we ship across Singapore and internationally too!

If you don’t see the model you need, let us know what you’d like to see added to our catalogue of designs.