What does your summer colour say about you?

Ever wondered what your favourite colour says about you? Read on to find out!

1. Rose

Pictured: DAWN Rose Phone Sling Case with Pink PP Cord
If pink is your favourite colour, you’re the Mom-friend in your group. Your loving, warm and sensitive nature makes you easily approachable whenever your gal pals are facing troubles.  You’re also very in touch with your femininity, and coupled with your sensitive nature, makes you a (sometimes hopeless) romantic. 
Walk under the summer sun with DAWN Rose.

2. Teal

    Pictured: ARIELLE phone sling case with Mint Lanyard Strap, CLOUD Pearl Chain and Jolie mini chain
    Teal is different, yet doesn’t look for attention. You value your uniqueness. You’re creative and like to keep your options open. But you also have a reserved, conscientious side, and often think before you act. This balance of yin and yang helps you to blend your desire for the unorthodox with a touch of stability.  
    Turn up the beach vibes this summer with ARIELLE.

    3. Coral

      You have an outgoing personality, and can strike up a friendship in the unlikeliest places. You radiate positivity and strength, which attracts many who enjoy your energy. You tend to rely on your intuition and gut feelings when it comes to decision-making, and can sometimes be quite competitive. 
      ‘Seas’ the day with DAWN Coral.

      4. Lilac

        Pictured: VOILA phone sling case with Lilac Lanyard Strap, Carnival Dacron Cord and Luxchain 
        You value your spirituality and peace of mind. As a gentle and free spirit, you’re also open to fresh and new ideas and often view things from a unique perspective. While you deeply value friendship and would not hesitate to put your friends’ needs above yours, be careful not to neglect your own personal needs and wants. 
        Find your wave with VOILA.

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