Styles for the Weekend

It's the Weekends - everyone's favourite time! With the opportunity to relax and enjoy, the weekends mean that you can be creative with your clothing style without the dress-code you might be tied to during your days at work. Here are some styles for you to consider!

1. Casual or Formal 

Featuring Tiq in VOILA Crossbody Phone Case with Lilac Lanyard Strap and Charlene Sim, founder of Glowfully, in DAWN Rose Phone Sling Case with Matching PP Cord


2. Chic or Bohemian

Featuring Elise Lim in NOIRLUX Crossbody Phone Necklace with Luxchain XL, Sabrina in LUCIE Crossbody Mini-Bag in Sage, and Ziyi Kuek in DAWN Rose Crossbody Phone Case with Luxchain XL


3. Girl-Next-Door or Dressy

Featuring Gladys Ng in SANDLUX 2.0 Crossbody Phone Necklace with Luxchain, and Elise Lim in TRUELUX Shockproof Crossbody Phone Case with CLOUD Pearl Chain Necklace Customised in Morris Monogram


4. Athleisure or Beach Wear

Featuring Jade Seah, Founder of JUUJAA in TRUELUX BOLD Shockproof Crossbody Phone Case with Pink Lanyard Strap, and Camira Asrori in Customised EDEN Phone Sling Case in Ocean with CLOUD Pearl Chain Necklace



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