The Willow Label: Two Are Better Than One

Kelly: I’m Kelly, the Founder of The Willow Label!

Justina: I'm Tina, the Co-owner of The Willow Label!

Kelly: The Willow Label is a curation of clothes that we love, usually made of timeless classic staples, as well as those few trendy pieces every season to make your wardrobe more updated.

How did The Willow Label First Start?

Featuring Kelly wearing Taizjo’s TRUELUX Shockproof Modular Phone Case with Beige Lanyard Strap customised with Morris Monogram on The Willow Label’s Lydia Camp Collar Top and Penelope Split Hem Pants at Rooma

Kelly: I started a previous brand under MISSYPIXIE when I was 21 and in University. Then, I worked on it for about 9 years before my then partner left. I rebranded MISSYPIXIE to The Willow Label, and now it is more in line with my lifestyle and aesthetics. 

The Willow Label was formed when I wanted a brand that reflects who I was at that point in my life. So at 30, I think I figured out the type of style I gravitated towards to and I wanted to offer that to my customers. I wanted dressing up to be fuss-free and timeless so I adopted a lot of my own style guidelines in creating Willow, like how the pieces can be easily mixed and matched for more outfit combinations. My vision was to create and introduce versatile and trendy pieces each season.

What Were Some Challenges Faced?

Kelly: I think the biggest challenge so far had to do with people management. 

Justina: I think both of us agree that it is as challenging for both of us.

Kelly: Now I have realised the importance in giving very clear concise instructions.

Featuring Justina wearing Taizjo’s SANDLUX 2.0 Crossbody Phone Case with CLOUD Pearl Chain and White Serif Customisation on The Willow Label’s Alixe Poplin Dress  at Rooma

Justina: During the last three years, I actually became a mother. It was actually quite difficult for me because throughout my whole pregnancy I wasn't feeling much like myself. But she (Kelly) was very accommodating during that period of time. 

Kelly: Being a mother has made me empathise with other mothers a lot. I understand how hard it is to be a working mom, and because of that, whenever I work with other mothers, I understand how hard it could be for them and I have more empathy and tolerance.

Justina: Through her own motherhood experience, she created a great and understanding environment for me during my early stages of trying to be a new mom.

We split the workload but are always questioning each other on our allocated workload to ensure that we do not leave loose ends. 

If You Could Take The Willow Label Anywhere...?

Justina: I would want to have 100% customer satisfaction. To only have happy customers via both our online and retail platforms without having to compromise too much on the business aspect.

Featuring Kelly wearing Taizjo’s ARIELLE Crossbody Phone Case with CLOUD Pearl Chain on The Willow Label’s Alegra Racer Dress  at Rooma

Kelly: I would really love to have another retail store and at a bigger location so that I have the space to offer more for our customers such as holding small group styling sessions, and hopefully, help more of our customers figure out what looks good on them so they would find joy in dressing up.

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